Nomad Burger -
Stop. Eat. Repeat.


  • Branding
  • Illustration
  • Signage & Environmental Graphics

Deep inside (it’s actually outside) the Nomad World Pub in Milwaukee sits a shack awaiting travelers with weary feet and stomachs to fill their bellies for the next stretch of their travels. There is no better companion than a 1/2 lb of savory beef…however short that friendship may last.

All kidding aside, Nomad World Pub is our preeminent soccer pub. Catering to the worldly sport’s fanbase in every way possible. When they reached out for us to help develop the brand identity for an “all-season” take-and-go (or take-and-sit) burger shack with a sharpened edge view of the seasoned foodwise drifter…we filled our bellies and went to burgerdom.