Dogwalkers Cannabis:
Enjoy the journey


  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Illustration
  • Photography

Dogwalkers is a cannabis brand from Green Thumb Industries in Chicago. We wanted to position this brand as authentic, rich and handsome – the kind of package you’d find sitting on a dark, wooden shelf in a vintage barber shop. It feels nostalgic and modern at the same time and pivots away from more contemporary branding within the category. This is a newly emerging market, but cannabis use dates back centuries. We wanted to create something that felt contemporary but didn’t feel new, representing that history.

Sit. Stay. Play.

The name “Dogwalkers” is derived from the expression “Walking The Dog”, an indirect reference to taking a break to enjoy a puff. We wanted to stick with this nomenclature when defining the different strains. Sit, stay, play ended up referencing the feeling or experience in a playful and perfect way.

Big Dogs.

A mountain of a pre-roll, the Dogwalkers Big Dogs were deserving of their own packaging device due to their stature. Still portable, but not the quick hit that the Mini-Dogs offer. These come in their own reusable tube for taking one’s time…as one should.

Enjoy The Journey.