Three on three.

Quality design from quality people with a quality ethos. Image-makers with a passion for beautiful branding and strong lines. Deep thinking optimists with shallow-filled whiskey snifters. We keep the humor flowing and the mind growing.

About Three-Headed

Three-headed beasts are revered and feared (mythologically speaking, of course). While we do approach every project with that kind of tenacity and tailor it to the particular needs of a client and their business, our ethos stems more from the notion that the best things come from an extremely collaborative place. One where the best ideas come from the inhibition of sharing thought and new ways to problem-solve. A good idea might come in isolation, but a great idea is developed collectively. We work as tirelessly on the execution of an idea as we do in building the understanding and community surrounding it. There are many voices behind great work. Without them all, the beast weakens. The relationship between studio, client and consumer should harmonize, resulting in work that is beautiful and timeless.


We may be small but our principles are strong. You work directly with us, the creators. We run lean and that’s how we like it. We’ve been around the block plenty of times (with the holes in our shoes to prove it). Handling the many aspects of bringing a brand to life is something we’ve grown comfortable with. Doing many different things is part of the excitement. That said, we know our lanes and strengths. Over the years, we’ve developed strong relationships with partners to keep most possibilities on the table (nuclear-powered holograms notwithstanding). From strategy to naming, illustration to branding, logos to production…yep…we do that.

What we do

  • Branding
  • Packaging
  • Illustration
  • Art Direction
  • Copywriting
  • Web Design
  • Photography
  • Social
  • Naming

What we like

  • Tequila
  • Dogs
  • Plants
  • Letters
  • Colors
  • Friendship
  • Smooth Salsa
  • Lists (Clearly)
  • Blue Skies


Trevor Shorey


Jason Ludtke


Lindsey Yeager


Select Clients

  • Harley Davidson
  • Pabst Brewing Company
  • Sony Entertainment
  • Green Thumb Industries
  • Airheads Candy
  • Jim Beam Distillery
  • Hatched Bakery
  • Mama Tried Show
  • Twisted Path Distillery
  • Sahale Brewing Co.
  • Coastal Clouds
  • Highdive
  • Yodelay Yogurt
  • Sauza Tequila